Off the Leash

Main series. Centers around the adventures of Billy and co.

by Dark_Pulse
One day Billy found a new game that he liked to play online... Unreal Tournament.
Dude, you're entirely too addicted to Unreal Tournament.
Yeah, so? It's a good game, and I like kicking people's asses.
Even his own girlfriend failed to get him out.
It's been SIX MONTHS since you were last outside! They named things in your honor because people think you're dead!
Cool, I'll have to see it sometime, but right now, fragging comes first. C'mere you friggin' camper... I wants to talk to ya.
So in the end they decided to hire someone to "persuade" him.
May the lord forgive me for what I'm about to do...
You little ****! You ended my killing spree! DIE YOU FRIGGING COMBOWHORE!!!

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Off the Leash

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