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Not Much to tell, between here, faceparty and MSN, i've covered pretty much everything. Oh, but I am Great, incase you didn't notice
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by Drazic81
Dave had seen one-too-many Kung-Fu Movies and had lost touch with reality for a moment...
Ah, Master Kung-Fu-Monk... I wish to study the ancient Deadly Art of Kung-Fu. Will you train me?
Man.. These kids do my 'ed in. What sorta stupid **** can i get him to do? Hmmmm..
But little did Dave know, this was an Evil Shaolin Kung-Fu Monk of Death!!!!!
Wax on, wax off. Ok... What next , Oh Wise Kung-Fu Monk??
I'd forgotten how much fun this is!! Hmmmmm..
Dave didn't watch Kung-Fu movies again. The End.
You dumb ****!! Bloody Tourists always fall for that one. Ha Ha Ha. Wanker!!
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