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I work, sleep, and surf the net. Tha's 'bout it. We are the Products of Vast Consumerism is written by Adam J. Piskel This comic represents my views on society at large circa 2001. We are what we watch these days. Most of the conversations in the comic are based on actual events, a couple are pure fiction. Let's try this again is written by Adam J. Piskel This comic, however, is just another lame attempt at humor.
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by ElectricDaquari
Adamsk, please leave.
Hey, I just want something that doesn't taste funny, is that so wrong?
Actually, it's the bad jokes and the fact that you're going to get me fired.
Oh no, then you wouldn't be working fastfood anymore.
And then I'll have plenty of time to crash in while you're working.
Exit, stage left. Stage right even.
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