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Jason just arrives in prison and it is his first day away from his boyfriend Malcome, he is about to be a prison *****!
Man, that guy Jason sure has gotta nice ass
Man, I wish that alien would let me suc his ****!
Jason is just going to pretend its his boyfriend Malcome while the alien is about to get him a new *****
Hey, new guy, you wanna Alien Probe?
" My name is Jason, and I really shouldn't because I have a boyfriend on the outside, but oh well, SURE!
The next day during visiting hours, Malcome notices Jason is walking kinda funny, so he admits to Jason that he has a new boyfriend.
Hey baby, nice ass! I sure do miss u!
I'm not stupid, I know u have been gettin screwed by that alien over there, its over between us, I have a new lover now, Durrant!
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