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Era & NoStRel [Not Strip Related] The cast of Era: Stee - wannabe pilot, game tester, musician and Professional Procrastinator(tm). Tris - Source of inspiration, RPer at heart and with more catchphrases than Ren & Stimpy. Elisa - Responsible artist, friend of everyone, and the only person who pays her rent on time (or at all). Dill - Smartass knowitall (no, really, he is) and passionate gamer with an uncanny eye for details. Hal - The only person on the block who can fix a defect nuclear reactor with fingernail clippings. Stacia - Hard-working scholar with a passion for music and the theatre. Bert - Moved out shortly before we join our heroes. Regularly updated rather seldomly, though this is liable to change. Semi-non-funny, but not. Figure it out! ___ After all these years, I still rate all other comics on a scale of one to Sluggy. - -
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by Eradream
Anyway, Friday should be fun. I conned Hal and Dill into flying with me, an' I'm hoping to get Lis to be the third passanger.
Wait, Dill said yes? I thought he was going to The Gathering this weekend with his friends, he's been chatting about it since last year. Does he even know it's this Friday?
Must... resist... urge... to kill...
He does now.
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