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Fearlessly going where every pretentious fanboy **** has gone before with comics, E.B. will shock and amaze you, or not.
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by Ernest_Brown
"Silent Genocide" (THWAP) "The Facts Will Never Be Known" (THWAP)...
I see that Professor Chomsky is still working on his Afganistan left lobe lobotomy
Hello, little yellow oppressed THIRD-WORLD person! How may I best pontificate about your American-caused plight?
My name is Anime Anima, and I happen to be an AMERICAN, thank you.
Oh, God, another brainwashed gook. Excuse me, I've got to "preach about freedom, and preach about truth at $10,000 dollars a show."
You will need something to console yourself with after the world, once again, refuses to conform to your willful stupidity. [cf., Cambodia, East Timor (rejects Marxism), Iraq and Afganistan]
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