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by EvilErnie
At the 2004 Presidential-Candidate Debate Forum...
Well, Mr. Kerry, I may not be the BRIITEST bulb in the KUNTREE, but when I stick to a plan, I put my FUT down and follow THROO! If the war was a bad idea, why did you condone my actions?
You, Mr. Bush, are wrong and also happen to put that same foot down on the thousands of soldiers fighting that war while you take a vacation. And I, as well, follow through with a commitment!
Oh please, John, you KLAIME my purpose for the war is just and yet you deny the very actions you were KOMMIT-TED to. You can't even STIKH to a decision you've finalized! You'd be an awful PREZIDHENT!
Not true! I never changed...er...have changed...no wait...have never changed my mind!! I would be a much sturdier and secure president than you!....ACK...NO WAIT! I CHANGE MY MIND!
Here we go..
I want to be a superhero! Yeah...that's it...no..maybe a gynacologist? NO! A RAPPER! Boom-chikka-boom-chika-boom...no...that's not it. I WANT TO BE JANET RENO!!
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