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Hello, I am Jed. I write things that actually happen. STARSHIP MOTHERFUCKER is actually a documentary account of real-life dinosaurs that escaped the extinction and now hurtle through space, looking for home. On the way they meet alot of strange characters that add little to the plot save for the fact they are all motherfuckers.
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by JedShepherd
So I just saw Leon and he was pretty cut up about Joanne dumping him. I tried to console him, as obiously I know what he went through, but some people arent as tough as me...
Erm.. I tried a new hat on today. It had glitter all over it, and a feather sticking out of the top. I was about to buy it but I decided that...
So I'm still wondering who Joanne is meant to be seeing now? Have you heard anything yet? Do you know who she is seeing?
... it just wasn't me.
What wasn't you?
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