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by Mike3snk
In a lost world battling for supremecy one mans attempt at world wide unification ends in bitter rivalry.
Hello gentlemen, all your women are belong to me
you cant sued me to your communist ways you willow sucking import freak cleaner!!!
soldiers fought with hard worn hands to fight off the endless threat to humanity..
--singing-- "I gots me a date, yeah yeah, woohoo, got me a date that Im gonna go OUT with..yeah a date I can date to go out with and DATE, yeah yeah...... where's my jacket?"
YOu spineless goat fladulation!! your fansy talk and wittery can't turn me, EAT HOT LEAD!!
Im running out of ideas ---sigh--
excuse me have you seen my sweety harold?
stop your squabbling b!tch, Im about to stop you attempt at spawning your Devil hell slug offspring to this beautiful nation, Im gonna rip out your Uterus and use it to dry my army straps. Havat you!!
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