Up to the Minute

Extremely bad parody of Back to the Future, in which the JFK assassination is foiled.

by Namgubed
Meanwhile, back in Dallas, Marty improvises a plan ...
Hello, Mr. President, and welcome to Marty's Presidential Coiffure Emporium! What can we do for you today?
I've got to be in a big parade, so I'll need a light trim, and plenty of hair spray.
Just a little bit off the top ... **BZZZZZZT**
Aaiiee! What did you do to my beautiful hair? The parade is in less than an hour, and I've got a reverse mohawk. Fix it now!
Sorry about that, Mr. President! Here, use this hairpiece -- it's the Shatner Turbo 3000, featuring Ultrahold with Kevlar ©!
OK, fine. Man this thing is as heavy as a steel helmet!

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Up to the Minute

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