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Have you ever noticed that George Bushes face looked like a donut, a glazed donut. Or have you noticed that Dick Cheney was made out of moldy cranberry sauce. But the real question is, do you like ham? You think your safe but ham will find you. What would you do if you lived in a train factory?Or if the ham found? I use empty peanut shells to store the winter harvests! Do you? It would be the right thing! But the real question is do you appreciate Boston Bob? If not you are nothing but a slab of melted butter to me! Do you no what would be kind of messed up? *Chuckle* Pork rimes and over- kilts. Okay Trivia question. Who said: "Now we can light off these flamable cocktail bombs on this guys porch!" Answer:bob not-sob (Boston Bob)
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by Okay
What you yelping fer?
I aint yelping I'm helping!
Well help me by getting a life!
There is a storm a brewin! Why don't you step in?
I'll tell tell you why! Thats not my house, and it's not yours either!
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