Codename: MickeyD

Espionage in the fast food world. One wrong step and you might find a hamburger up your 'hiney'. Believe that....

by Ranger77
Mount Clemens, MI - Jan 29 10:42pm
Becoming an Assistant Manager here at McDonalds is not a trivial thing. It requires certain....skills.
I'm sure it does, I'm just looking to get extra money that's all.
Ah, but what would you do to get it? The job we have in mind for you is dangerous and will challenge everything that you believe in. You will be directly involved in conflict....constantly.
RWorld HQ - Jan 30 11:35am
They want you to monitor how many sauce packets are given out with Chicken McNuggets.
Yep. Evidently, McDonald's considers itself in a state of war....

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Codename: MickeyD

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