by RedfeatheR
Sometimes, you just wake up in the morning, and it's like, all green. You know, everything's sick, pale and @#% dull. Seven o'clock the @#%$ alarm is screaming like all the seven seals have broken up
Yes, Make sure they're good and hot
And that's what it feels like. BANG! BANG! Shirley Manson said it: "Hammering in my head." @#%$, someone shut this damn thing down please! It's like some weird Trent Reznorian beat
No toughts, no worries, just shut this @#%$ piece of @#%$ up! BANG! Damn, get one leg off the bed. BANG! The other leg. BANG! Lift your head. BANG! Black out, system dysfunction
Bang! System opperational, major dammage around head.What the holy @#%$ is this damn thing on the other side of the room! BANG! Coup d'├ętat in the belly, vomit , smells like @#%$ and alcohol.
Ok, now pour them all over my body while I writhe in agony

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