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by Sia
Santa 🎅 was very angry at the naughty boy, and he knew about all those things he had been up to, because Santa doesn't watch you all the time, he looks at recordings of you later after you do thing
I glued this present to my hands and found the left over presents which are in my car right now, so.... Goodbye!
I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT! You are not leaving this place until you put the gifts 🎁 back, take that present off your hands and hand it to me and pay for that plane ride, that boat ride, and that car!
Santa stopped naming all the ☹️bad things the boy did and told him to leave.
Um 😐
You know I know how you got here! Also that bus ticket, and my COOKIES 🍪 and... I can't take you anymore. You are officially on the naughty list. Get out of here!!!!!
When Santa was told 😵 that all the boy wanted was to get on the naughty list so he could be a "bad boy" he was furious and put him on the terrible list and shouted to him as he left the North Pole.
Yay! 😃 And by the way I didn't do this for presents or to make you mad technically. So I'm leaving the presents here 🎁 And paying for everything. I just wanted to get in the naughty list!
WHAT?! Well guess what? You made it onto the TERRIBLE list, so you will never ever receive a gift 🎁 again! Ya that's right run away you shamed stupid boy!
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