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I'm a 19-year, my name is Josh. But you can call me Slice. My comics are mostly purely improvisational, in other words; they suck. But some of them are ok! Here are some of the characters you'll find in these comics; Petey McGrimble: An amateur pirate who thinks he's a pro Timmy the Homocidal Toolman: Speaks for itself Kim the Chickenlover: Based on a friend of mine, Kimmy Irausquin Andrea the insanely psychotic stalkerish teen: Also based on a friend of mine, Andrea Anaya Girl Scout: Who doesn't wanna flee in terror at the sight of one of these?! Q the Dog: Well he's.. a housepet. Billy: As bright as a rock. Except for his hair. C.J./Slice/Josh: This character represents the talentless author of these comics. Patch: Slice's alcoholic best pal, based on the real thing. LOL Sindy: Close friend of Slice's, based on the real thing also :P
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by Slice
Pause for comedic effect...
Nailed it.
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