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I'm a 16 year old Virgin Male... What else can I say? If ye reading a series... I reccommend you read Pt1 to pt.whatever.. so you don't get all confused and kill yourself over it. Actually.. Just start reading my comic from the bottom (the first ones I made) and read all of them... or ill kill you in your sleep.... because I can. If you got any comments, flames or anything you wanna send.. AIM: SmackeyXxX or xxJosh1212xx GFAQ: l3rak YAHOO: lethal_edge555 Email:
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by Smackey
Here here mateys... whar direction shall we go for Booty?
Yaaar... I say we go the East.
You *****... I saw we go West!
Ye know... we could just go North???
Heh Heh... Maybe I should go down South on this Bootay!
GET ME OUT OF HERE! Never do I smoke that stuff again.
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