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Oh dear lord! What am I to do! What is wrong with me I'm a crazy kid stuck in Iowa in the corn! I hope my comics don't suck too much...I don't get how this thing really works! *whine!*
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by Tannenbaugh
Dear Satan, I jus wanna than' yew fer lettin Missah Geoawge Bush wina presudincy. A'll now give ya my soul and my pateent leatha chaps jus like I promiss.
Lawd Satan, I also wanna offa you thees saddle. I made it from the skeen of my secund wieef.
Screw that ****! I want sex! Bend over cowboy cuz I'm gonna make ya squeal like ya've never squealed before!
Uh, Satan...I kin bend ovuh.
Dammit....dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit!
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