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Once upon a time I was a donor who made infrequent comics and rarely posted in the forums. Then one day I decided to start being a more active part of Stripcreator. The self-proclaimed know-it-all of the forums decided I was an alias of someone else and shat on me so everyone thought I was an alias of someone else. Thanks for ruining it, asshole. I may be a flaming queer, but at least I'm not anyone else's flaming queer.
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I'm sorry hon. We had a fire in the basement and all the computers were destroyed. You can't check your email til we get new ones.
Oh, well is there any other place I can check my email until you get new computers?
Nearest place is Portland.
You mean there's no other place in this podunk town to check my email?
The prison has a computer lab.
Portland it is.
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