The Adventures of Homeless Man and Cpt. Middle-Class

The Alleyway Avenger, the Rummage Ranger, the Destitute Dynamo, the Bold Begger, and his sidekick the Median Income Lad - yes kids, its Homeless Man and Cpt. Middle-Class! Tune in tomorrow! Same Homeless-Time, Same Homeless-Channel!

by alcoac14
Sup, yo?
Greeting, lad, it is I, Homeless Man - protector of the downtrodden, the Alleyway Avenger, the Rummage Ranger!
I need a trusty sidekick to aid my never-ending quest fight for the rights of low-income citizens who refuse to vote and pay taxes.
Sure. What's first on the agenda?
Um...I dunno...lets look for some food. I haven't eaten anything since that rotten squid last week.

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