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i am previously known as arbi.
this is a new account because i misplaced my password. gtbear at gmail.

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by arbitrary
tuesday, took mom to the dentist, then out to lunch, then ran errands and cleaned the garage.
wednesday newark for plasma $50, found 4 boxes. took the long way home to avoid construction, only they didnt start the construction yet because it snowed.
thursday got my bank to credit me $105 re hidden fees they tried to sneak in, paid the internet bill for 4 more months. sent stewart & stewart a notice that they have $575 funds at indiana unclaimed.
i only have $27 there right now, i'll wait till there's more to redeem it. i'm going to try to handle some small tasks like that today that i've been putting off, in order to put off a larger task
i'm avoiding. next up i'll look up how much is left on my plasma card. ok $194. that was a hassle. $1.50 in fees i won't bother to dispute but i'm annoyed by.
i guess next i should go through my to do list blog and make a list.
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arbitrary says:

thursday feb 11th to do 1 get lock spray graphite hardware store 2 fix stairs 3 email lawyer re ny fusion 4 sort garage. 5 get gas, gas buddy 6 call tommy 7 nebraska begin draft 8 make better list did 1 stewart & stewart email 2 took out trash.and recycling. sorted garage. 3. paid internet bill 4 months in advance for 5% bonus. 4. paid chase cards 5. called chase got $100 in fees waived. 1000 something balance in commercial account. so 7000 overall. 6. plasma card balance $194. 7. emailed margaret. 8. made comic. what else?
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