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i am previously known as arbi.
this is a new account because i misplaced my password. gtbear at gmail.

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by arbitrary
the plan for wednesday was plasma, lawyer zoom, work, buy gas.
i missed the lawyer zoom because i got out of bed too late to do both. plasma +50, gas $58.
work was easy so i scrubbed the floor and cleaned a stove and an oven.
i dumpsetr dived two watermelons, gave one to a friendly hobo at the gas station. it's beastly hot so except for taking out the trash i might not do a lot of chores tonight.
plans for thursday: payday. pay bills, maybe buy a share of stock ($677), clean car, take car to fix headlight, call lawyer, buy ticket to denver, make better list, mow lawn, do laundry.
that's 9 things. i might do 3 of them.
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arbitrary says:

the supreme court decided 6 cases today, none of them very interesting. although this is june, these were the "may docket" type cases, not big blockbusters like we'll get in a few weeks.
posted Jun 15th, 2022 ( permalink )

arbitrary says:

I bought the stock,$653, am doing the laundry, might mow the lawn. That'll be 3. Then I'll do standup tonight.
posted Jun 16th, 2022 ( permalink )

arbitrary says:

I didn't mow the lawn. it got dark. i went to the post office, bank, found 50 pounds of cheese.
posted Jun 16th, 2022 ( permalink )

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