You must be coup-coup

There's a handbasket on its way to hell and we're all in it! One man decides it's time to put things right!

by atomiclunch
"So, there are still some people to hold down the fort, as it were?"
That's correct, Taint. A few Reps and Senators. The first lady, as well. She came running out of the Rose Garden totally naked but unscathed.
"That's good news."
Transfusion, please?
Yes, it is and i... Wait, I was mistaken. Apparently those savages beat her severely about the boobal area. Her nipples are up by her shoulders. What kind of ANIMALS...
"Um, that's how hers normally look, Horst."
My god, Taint. Poor thing should see a Doctor about that, it ain't normal!

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You must be coup-coup

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