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married punk gurl living in albuquerque....i make zines, and sew, and i'm a manager at a shitty pizza place.
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by bRi
bRi chats with drexle for the first time in several months...
hey bRi, check out my dirty comic!
you are a dork...a funny dork.
bRi is cheerful despite life being shitty.
so how are you?
well...i got married, my stepdad tried to ruin the wedding. we just had to spend all of our money to fix the boy's car. oh, and there's a gigantic hole in our ceiling.
bRi doesn't really look like a pirate, by the way.
yeah. umm, i'm gonna go get girly and stop looking piratey cuz we're going to see the eyeliners...on second thought, maybe i'll make a stupid comic first.
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