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by biancacardoso
The little girls calls a detective that was on speed dial. Her friend Jeff comes and chats with her about the situation.
Look , Ma´am .. This happens alot. We will try to find your daughter
My daughter is missing. I called the Circus and they said they have not seen her there. I think she ran off with a clown. *sobs* I TOLD HER NOT TO
Earlier that day ...
Omg I love candy ..but mommy says clowns are bad
Hey little girl want some candy... *hears girl out* BUT IM A GOOD CLOWN. AND YOUR MOMMY IS A BAD PERSON HONEY ... FOLLOW ME
And the little girl was never found..
Where are we Mr. Clown.. *looks around for Mr Clown* uhhh who are you.. AND WHERES MR CLOWN. *stomps feet*
*laughs* Mr Clown huh? Thats his name.. Look little girl YOUR MINE NOW... HAHAHA
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