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I am a sick bastard. Thus my comics are sick. ENJOY!!! :)
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by blackhole
So, Father Natas, still have time to baptise me in your "Baptiso-matic"? I really wanna do it but I'm worried I might turn into a lunatic like the other "born-agains".
Why, it's perfectly safe, my son. Didn't you notice all the other saved people preaching on the side-walk outside?
Don't you ignore me you sinners!! Hell is comin' to get ya if you don't stop playing GTA: Vice City!! It's da' Devil!! Da' Devil I say!!!
Fresh young boys!! I need fresh young boys...........for the church chior!! yeah that's it! PRIVATE vocal instruction at my house tonight!! Free crucifix shaped candy!!
eh,.. now that I think about it,.. I'll just take a bath at my house while listening to Creed. That's about as religious as I wanna get.
As you wish, you hellbound fool! Die in eternal flame ! Infidel!! Burn burn burn burn burn!!!
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