Planet WTF 03 (The Saga Continues)

Cast of Recurring Characters on Planet WTF: The Kain (Creator), President Deuce, Wuglia (Like Santa), AJ Squirrel (merc for hire), AJS Company (merc team), Officer Tandynuts (good), Bizarro Officer Tandynuts (evil), Karma-saur, Mr. T. Chicken (*******), The Masses (theater seats). Other characters are misc...

by eggsforknockers
Oh, so you had the guts to come to the door huh, Mr. Giver of herpes? How about I smash your face in and then...
Some kind of tough guy eh? MOM!!! it's for you!
...and that's how I got three *******s!
Gr... Gr... Gr... Gravity here's kind of weird, isn't it?

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