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I think the best thing that ever happened to me was Cannonball Run. I say this because I met my dear friend, Dom DeLuise. The man could flat-out make me laugh. One time he had me tie his hands behind his back and stick an 18-pound turkey over his head. Damned if he didn't eat his way out of that thing in 45 minutes. I actually have a Super-8 of the whole process. Damn, I'll miss him. Rest in peace, old friend, you were always a warrior soul. What? Not dead? Well, looks like I have a few phone calls to make.

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by burt_reynolds
Thel, what's a blog?
It's short for "weblog," honey. It's like an online diary for public consumption. Very self-infatuated, very 2003. Why?
Dolly said that I should take all my comics and stick them in my blog. I thought she was tallking about something else, so I hit her.
Maybe you should apologize to her, Bil.
Maybe I should kick your blog, bitch.
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