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What the critics are saying:
"Brutally honest! May be the only person on this earth not afraid to tell it like it is!"
"I wish I had the balls to have written that!
"He made me realize what a bunch of polictically correct fools we all are now and days!"
"He exposes our fasades as gentley as ripping off a fresh scab, fearless!"
"Bukowski meets Donald Goines meets Larry Flynt meets Lenny Bruce meets Doctor Demento"
"Some artists are blessed with 'A EYE' this one is cursed with 'A EAR' too!"
"He made me angry! He made me laugh! He made me cry! He made me sick! Most of all he made me think! But now I'm back on my medication and his comics don't do anything to me at all!"
"You know how they say, "You can't make everyone like you". Well if you write enough comics about enough different topics you can "Get a whole lot of people to not like you!"
"Don't Hate The Writer! Hate The Game!"

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by daddydoright
We're here live in Oak Creek Wisconsin for the 4th annual Redneck Olympics! We have with us Lester 'Stash' Kazowski gold medal winner of the 'Biggest Poopey' Event!
Hi Chuck. Great to be here. I'm still a little worn out from the last competition though.
Tell us Stash how does one prepare for the Big Poopey Event?
Well Chuck there's alot of age old time passed family secrets which I don't wanna disclose for competitive reasons. But basically after the prep-work is done it comes down to 'PATIENCE'.
I've heard that before "Don't try to rush thing" being the maxim. Is it true about the rumor that your team uses athletic performance enhancing drugs such as supositories?
No comment Chuck! I 'really' gotta go!
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