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Yah I know the title is arrogant but what the **** some people might be turned off after they read a couple comics with to much smut in them. So this titles for those who wanna think more. I like to think all of them are smart but hey people even like the smell of their own farts! right?!

by daddydoright
Pretending to be the 'good guy'
Our plan is almost complete! In a guise of Nationalism and a drive for reinstalled morallity, we now have the power! Religion and moral highground have allowed us to push captialism on the world!
What about the Liberals? Won't they stop you! Aren't they the conscience of the hippie babyboom generation?!!
Realization! And a division in the Republican Party
You fool! They have grown old and only worry about their 401K and portfolios! Money and retirement and the security of their investments are the only things they want! Religion is the way to get it!
What has happened to our country?! To our party?!!!! We had such noble ambitions!! Who???? Are?? You?!!!!!
An Uncertain Future! Who is a patriot?
Ahahahahah! You fool! Read your own book that you use so politically to advance your own adgendas! His name is the Beast and he shall be a false prophet! He Is The Anti-Christ!!
My Bush! My Bush! Why Have You Forsaken Me!! Oh Reagan! Please Help Us! And forgive Them! They Know Not What They Do!!!!!

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