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Hi i'm Danny Darko and I hope you like my comics, its all original stuff, im just glad i dont have to do my own artwork, hope you enjoy the random stories plots and wacky characters (watch out for FireBoy, Rocker, Perfect Person Man, GothBoy and many others!)
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by dannydarko
so our bleak existance has led us to this desolate life of hatred and ridicule from those we seek revenge upon in a bloody mass of gore and wretchedness, are you with me sister dark heart of sorrow?
umm okay, like I just dress like this cos i think goth guys like vile valo are hot! HIM are so like awesome
then im sorry sister, you cannot join my punishment on the wicked and the damned, i must look for a new volunteer, one who can assure me of there co-operation
okay, like whatever, im gonna go hang out and smoke weed anyway
so will you help me defeat the decrepid popular crowed scumbag hate mongers at my **** hole stink pit of a school
sure man - i'll kill anything you want!! got any more coffee!!?!? i need more coffee!!! give it to me now!!! I CANT KILL WITHOUT COFFEE!!!!!
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