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by dementedcomix
Where is the Demented Comic Creator??
Hey dude!! Where is that guy who made all these Demented Comix?? That Creator guy of these comix has been gone for a long time, right??
Ya I've been thinking about that too, little squairrel!!
Do you think the Demented Comix Creato guy died?? or Did he get lost? What do you think happened to the guy, dude??
Ya maybe!! Any of those things you said, could have happened. I was thinking maybe, he decided to do something else like Movies?? I laso think he probubly had to move to a different town or city??
Or the Demented Comix Creator, lost his job and became Homeless, Eh??
Yes!! That may have happened but,one thing is for sure, I'm glad he's Back!!
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