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i like comics. i am in school and i am bored. you should read them because i have more talent then everyone. and i can not spell well. the ones about chris,and dave, read with his too, just push the arrow key thing, back about 2 or 3, cause, if you dont, IT WONT MAKE SENSE. or something. love me?
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by dwajsfelner
TV talk. thats what people are into now, no more Ally!
this Tv show sure is violent and oppressive. it makes me hate.
*bang* *bang* boobies! hijinx!
i cant believe this hell i am watching. it is horrible and grusome. evil Tv evil media, i am speechless with horror! why is there no censor to pretect me!?
*media hype* florida goes to.....(evil secret ploy to make money by uping viewer interest in an otherwise boring event so that advertisers will pay thru the nose to put commercials on CNN!! its true!!
wait! i just missed something. its a good thing i have TiVo.
*rewind* *continue to play gruesomness*
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