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I'm Felion. I am a grrl. Ooh big suprise, not. I like making comics, and occasionally they are funny to someone besides myself. I have a very low tolerance for stupidity, unless it is my own. Visit my website, if ya care too StripCreator since Jan. 2001
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by felion
A Duet Sung to the tune of "Fere Jacque"
Where's my GM? Where's my GM? Where's my skills? Let me kill!
I wanna ride a dragon, Let me be a paladin! Let's rob Kings! My sword swings!
Hey there GM! Ya, you GM! Where's you go!?Why so slow?
It's been 2 whole hours! And I need more powers! Hurry up, POST! I need ya most!
(c) Tygress of
Hello there, GM. What's wrong GM? You look grim...Can I swim?
Wait a minute, here now! What the heck, a flying cow!? Where's your head! SHIT! I'm dead!!
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