The Increasing Influence of XKCD

I'm becoming something of a devotee of XKCD. This is a collection of comics that show the increasing power Randall Munroe has over me.

by lima
I was bored yesterday, so I decided to try and work out how many atoms there are in the solar system.
First of all, I decided that the definition of the solar system should be all points within the Kuyper Belt, and the orbit of Pluto
Then I finalised my formula for finding the density of the planets, adding the mass of the materials below sea-level to the planet's atmospheric density
So I took the metric circumference of mercury, and the amount of atoms found in a square metre of its main compound, iron.
Then realised that I didn't know how to work out the area of a circle.
I'm taking my break-up with Becky harder than I thought

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