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by malcolm
One morning when i was getting to work at the 'big boat' club, I got to see a duck get ****d by another duck.
I know it was ****, because mallards mate for life, and the male duck that did the ****** thwarted the mate of the duck that was his prize...
I watched as the ******-duck pinned the female by biting her on the back of the neck and pinning her head to the ground.. The poor defeated mate quacked on, about three feet away.
I viewed on in revulsion as the assailant mounted the female, and fully penetrated it. Not 3 feet from where i was standing.
When the ****-bird finished the act, and pulled out its fat moist, pinkish, rotini shaped unit, inundating the deck with a mixture of seawater and duck rudiment, i was left with one thought.
Which would be better at 8am? Corona or Guiness?
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