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These are some comics I wrote with a LOT of free time, just to express the geeky aspects in my life. If you find humor in my comics, then you are as big of a nerd as I am! Cheers.
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by oBSo1337
1337tf2d00d: I never thought I would see the day where I would be playing a game where you could actually TALK to your teammates and such.
player: Mic chatting 0wnz.
1337tf2d00d: Yes it does! It certainly puts a new perspective on the gaming world.
player: That is true. Can you imagine how much more productive people will be with this new method of communication?
1337tfcd00d: You have such a wimpy sounding voice. Did you even break puberty yet?
player: Check out these pr0n tunes! Booow wicka wicka wicka bow wow...
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