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yoh yoh dis B all my jeet sheit right here yoh and i want yall hax0rz 2 rec0niz3 dat syklled from dah heart up in dah 2k1 ya herd? yoh jus remember dat pad oenz u! yoh yoh pluz u gotstah clix HeRe to hit dah site of mah nig nig niggy tim AkA HaXoR AliaZ: MzM cuZ DaT NiGGa GoT Me StaRtEd MaKiN CoMiXz! and preZz Here to SenD Me DaT EmAiLz K ThX
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by pad
hey you ****ing little ****, suck my 9 year old ****. you stupid forign exchange student.
okay, let's do it up
as they go into a deep alley
okay, i changed into my ****ty sweater so i can cum all over it
im no so sure i want to do this... NO! I DONT! AND YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!
This is Cencored, The little boy beat the crap out of that girl and slammed his peen down her throat. =[
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