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19/f/and vegan. Despite all the Cheetos comments... (Trian, tanks for letting me use our bizarre conversation in the POINTLESS INTERMISSION. Tanks for stalking me, too =D.) ^-_-^ (Julia [the_real_folk_blues], you're weird. But seeing as how we are related, I guess we both are. Your comic is hilarious.) ^-_-^ (Nasum [robot_is_me], I feel the overpowering need to slap you, bruise you and beat you. Only because I love you. Though I also hate you. You can't live without me. Yeah, yeah... same here. >_<. You're the ultimate cool. YOU SAID SO.) Pardon the typos. I need to pay closer attention to my typing...
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by plastic_fang
I'm back!
After a much-needed break from the comic to come up with new ideas, we have returned with new and exciting adventures...
...guaranteed to make your spine tingle and eyes tear up. Hours of fun for the whole family! Bring the... kids...
You're naked!
Yeah whatever...
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