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by retard
This happened in 800000000000000 B.C. I was walking down the street one day, counting all of the ugly people I saw. Then, out of the darkness came MikeyG. He was wearing live woodchucks!
I twas all: one of those is not a woodchuck! one's an over-sized hampster! Well, Mikey was so angry that he ripped off his massive boner and threw it at me! I dodged it and it hit and blew up a blimp.
The blimp was full of honour students, cripples, puppies, and three old ladies. MikeyG was sent to jail and was anal sexed countless times! I thought it was funny. So I went: huh! huh! huh!
But since MikeyG had super ultra hearing caused by gamma rays, he heard me all the way from Rhode Island. So he digged his way out of jail and came to take revenge on me! He knocked on my door.
I used my x-ray vision to look through the door. The only problem was that I didn't have x-ray vision. But I tried too hard and my eyes popped out. MikeyG laughed, ****d me, then went on his way.
(MikeyG sucks elephant **** and then washes it down with elephant ****)
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