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Welcome to my adventures as a gas pumper in a tiny little town in rural Oregon. Everything you see in this strip HAS happened, although when at work I don't smart off to the customers like I do here. But these punchlines are always running in my head while there.
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by rizafein
Well here is how my day went.
Well I hate to do this but we have to lay you off.
Well our business has slowed down and we have to let you go.
Wait a second are Mike and Randy staying on?
Yes it is all true. This ends my strip for a while. I will restart it once I get a new job and have new stupidity to report.
Well yes they are.
OK, so the two guys who are new hires, and barely can tell a diesel pump from their ass your keeping. Yet the guy who has fixed furniture for YOUR kids, and has yet to screw up here, your firing?
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