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i don't really know what to say about myself other than i'm a college-attending female who is very annoyed with the current pop culture at colleges. i listen to weird music, i talk to my computer, and my favorite color is orange. i tried making comics about school or my friends, but i'm really just making comics about whatever i want to.
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by tau926
HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!!!! I can see where this is going! You were going to make me choke on a chicken bone!!!!
Hey, no fair!!! You spoiled the suprise for everyone!!! Gah, I hate you!!!
I thought I told you not to make a comic about me, you stupid machine! And what the hell is with the film noir?
It wasn't about you! It was about Toe, not Tau. Nothing alike. And the film noir is artsy. People will call me a genious!
A genious?? That was terrible!! Where the hell did you ever learn about film noir anyway?
From 'Whose Line is it Anyway'... Why?
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