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ok here are my charecters 1.all knowing squrill 2.dave the zombie 3.bob the ghost 4.jim the grey 5.penny blonde girl 6.sam afro dude 7.robot billy 8.shun green alian 9.boney the skeloton 10.karrel the hooker 11.gona the asian girl 12. mara oronge haired girl 13.KARA THE BRUNETE 14.KRYSTE THE BLACK GIRL 15.SAMMY BLONDE WITH ORANGE JACKET 16.rick the kangoroo 17.stick man the stick figure EACH OF THEM ALL HAVE DIFFRENT PERSONAS AND WELL MEET IN DIFFRENT COMICS SO IF I MENTION ONE IN DIOLOG YOULL HAVE TO GO TO THERE FIRST COMIC APPERENCE. peapole all knowing squrrel has killed 1.cop1 2.cop2 3.baby 4.pirate 5.army man 6.guy with mask 7.bee man 8.santa
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by worm
im going to have to write you up for lottering
um lets think about this
whats to think about
this bitch
ow the burning
write me up now
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