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Okay these arent for kids, so if you got a problem with the language or whatever, I apologise profusely, I nev- wait a sec.... no, no, I guess I don't really give a **** WHAT you have a problem with. In fact for those of you who are offended by the word ****, I'll toss it in here right now: FUCK! and all the wonder****ingful combinations of the word ****, ****er, **** you, go **** yourself, mother ****er, the ever popular "lets ****" and so on. So to sum up; comments? email me. problems? suck it.
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by Bongman
This guy on the sc forum, not_scyess is really ****ing me off. I'm new to making comics, so of course they're not top quality, but every time I post he comes up with some ******* remark.
Sooooo.... what are you going to do?
I guess I'll just have to get his address, drive to his house, knock on his door, fall to my knees and offer a blow job for pennance.
Please have mercy master mmmm....
Or I could just kill myself, for lack of being funny.
Either way, I win.
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