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by retard
There used to be this couple who loved each other very much. But the girl's father did not like the boy. The father always spanked him whenever they were alone together. The boy had enough.
So one night the boy snuck in the father's house and shoved the father's pet cat straight up his own butt. The father woke up and kicked the boy in the face. "Go away" he said. the boy said "no."
The father then took a bazooka and shot his wife. "as I said, go away." The boy said no again. "Don't make me do this." said the father. The boy did not budge. "You forced me to do this." father said.
He then cut off his own face with a pizza cutter. "Now leave!" said the father. "ok." said the boy. The father soon died of cancer later that week.
Now the boy and girl married and had the girl's parent's funeral at the same time. The end.
(not_Scyess doesn't like this part of the story)
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