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by Archimperator
You degenerate, loser students, are wrecking this residence with your lousy hygins, complete lack of housekeeping, and sinful ways! I have bugs on my balls!!!
Mr. Fag, you are a THUG! We don't know how to clean, we are stupid millennials.Sorry about the bugs on your balls, does it itch much? By the way, the proper word is 'hygiene,' not "hygin," you FAG!
Listen you little turd, I've been ending bugs lives all day on my walls and floor with my trusty paisano axe from Italy. If you don't clean up YOUR act - I'm gonna END YOU!
Tee Hee Hee...You can't thug me around.You think that pink bunny suit with the floppy *** ears, and your paisano axe, is gonna save you from the bugs... hah! Look at the mess on your walls
I used to be a professional. I used to sniff old mattresses in dumpsters for da bugs. Both the heat and the stove's on high to kill da bugs. MANAGA, I may have overdone it... the buildings on fire!
What an imbecel, what an 'ultra maroon. I'm ignoring Mr. Faghole by looking up at the ceiling. I'd better get outta here, this crazy **** really has set the building on fire!!!! What a ***!
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