The Path: An Artemis/Crabby Lovefest

Me and crabby made this. I love crabby. Crabby is funny. I love how crabby is funny. These are comics we made. The end. I made these and crabby did too. The end 2.

by ArtemisStrong
Okay, here we go. Two young guys headed out to discover their destinies!
Destinies? I thought we were trying to find Vegas' loosest slots.
Wherever our paths take us, we will follow, and that is where we will be.
Well my path is leading to some cheap casino margaritas.
I don't think Vegas is such a good place to begin a spiritual journey.
No, but it is a good place to start on an all seafood buffet! 30 lbs. of shrimp, here I come!

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