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Comics so profound you have to Google half their content.

Dramatis personæ:

Main players
Ayl, mathematician, physicist, linguist, theoretician, and the second coming of Dan. No one knows who or what Dan was, nor why it requires a second coming
Coleoptera Bailey, theoretician, artisan, and cohort of Ayl
Apod, the Anthropomorphic Personification Of Death and Creator of Pregnant Pauses
Dean, his less successful half brother
Dead People, Dead People

Fayle, librarian, scholar, genius, and completely unaware of any of it
Maximillian, Fayle's normal half and Keeper of the Tome
Bench Philosopher, savant

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by Aylear
I'm making a search engine for ASCII art.
How does it know what to look for?
It checks tags against a vast database. I manually scoured the internet for weeks looking for ASCII art, grabbing strings of characters from each one, manually adding each entry and tagging them.
I only see hundreds of ASCII pictures of topless women. Where's the search engine?
What search engine?
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2 - Fayle and Maximillian

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