Stuff With George Clooney

The random moments of the life of George "Clooney Clampstamper" Clooney- the unspeakably smooth killer of the ladies. The eternally wry, witty, sarcastic, and dry; sexy-cool womaniser... the man. The manly man and his most manliest of moments.

by Beeko180
I read somewhere that-
Boy, I love this place. The nostalgia trip, you know? I mean, it's hard to believe that I ****ed your dead mother not three minutes ago behind that there stage prop right behind you.
My mother isn't dead...
I know... knew... whatever.
The point is that she's dead now, though. I literally ****ed her brains out of her skull.
This time I'm going to **** your dead mother whilst she's dead. If you want, we can tag team her. I can take the head, you can take the bum. Brad Pitt can take the **** too, if you're cool with it.

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Stuff With George Clooney

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