Remember those very priceless and precious family moments where a conversation of mere seconds between a parent and an offspring are the most special ones that last a lifetime?

by BlackSheep
Nana? Why are Mommy and Daddy getting divorced?
Because they're SICK and TIRED of you SHITTING AND PISSING in your diapers constantly and then WHINNING AND CRYING half the ****ing night wanting one of them to clean you AGAIN!
Sniff...but...I are too small to clean me!
I don't give a rat's ass if you're too small! YOU made the mess and YOU can clean it up or sit in it till you turn 16 for all I care!
I...AM...TIRED...of having to babysit you every time your Mommy and Daddy are in court or in jail because of YOU!
Sniff...and ya wonder why us kids go postal, bring guns to school and turn into serial killers, ******s, bombers and sociopathic dillusional psychotic manic depressive baby aborting criminals, Nana?

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