The adventures or misadventures of Steve, one of our biker club's new military inductees!

by BlackSheep
I'm actually here to warn you, sergeant!
What do you mean, "warn me"?
Well...apparently, you're going to be training one of our own, a Black Sheep, this summer and if you cross over the line, well, you know...there's going to be retribution!
We treat and train all recruits in the same manner and what's a Black Sheep?
Lemme put it this way, sergeant...Black Sheep don't take kindly to some 22 year old, pimply-faced drill sergeant dissing one of our own! How much clearer do I have to make it?
Black Sheep are, like, pre-trained? Covert ****? Black ops? Special forces? I get it! You want me just to pretend I'm ragging on him or I'll be ****ting my pants in fear! You got some toilet paper?

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